The RTH standard

At RTH Building Company, excellence is our standard. We create breathtaking, iconic homes by applying our tradition of masterful skill and craftsmanship to modern aesthetics and needs. 


While much of the design world fixates on the exterior, our clients know the difference between superficial builds and true quality. They trust us to craft an impeccable structure customized to their life - an inspired home to grow memories within for years to come. 


When your home is built by RTH, you will know by what you don’t notice. In a poorly built house, you will eventually be distracted by flaws in execution. These details are not apparent right away, but bring about a sense of dis-ease over time. 


Clean lines, balanced window and door layouts, and an organic flow from one room to the next are hallmarks of an RTH build. Superior construction materials and methods make for a home that is both sound and true. We pride ourselves on bringing mindfulness to every aspect of the build, so you feel secure and uplifted as you move from space to space. 


Whether you wish to revive an older home or raise a brand new modern house, our care in the details will ensure an exquisite result. Your RTH home will go beyond typical luxury - it will be a masterpiece customized to your lifestyle… an embodiment of the world you aspire to live in. 

Choosing the right company to construct your house is an important decision. At RTH we build a select group of homes each year for a discerning clientele. Our team works closely with each client to understand and execute every request. 


Our clients are the type of people who reach beyond. They lead active lives, rich with family, friends, travel, and career callings. They know the difference between better and best, and they want the best. They expect their vision to be executed efficiently and impeccably. They want the job done right the first time. 

Each home we create is a place to rest, renew, relax, and enjoy life while gaining inspiration for the next venture. Our clients appreciate the process of seeing the dream home they have imagined become their daily reality. 


If you are looking to build a home that encapsulates both simplicity and grandeur with a team of experienced builders who take great pride in each project, RTH is the perfect fit for you.

Is RTH right for you?

The process of building your home is separated into seven steps:
















Every investment begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the project requirements and goals. First, we will gather all relevant property and financial information. Next, we will present an initial set of existing conditions, schematic designs, mood boards, costs, and market analysis. Upon completion of this step, the real work will begin from a solid foundation of research and approval.


At this stage, we coordinate with you, your architect and interior designer, to determine optimal layouts, design decisions, and final schedules. We will shape the best filing strategy to get each part of the job done on schedule.


RTH submits all necessary paperwork to the appropriate departments, and we attend all Department of Buildings meetings, plan reviews, and hearings. RTH’s existing relationships with local building departments will ensure your plans and permits are filed quickly and painlessly--with no surprises.


During this stage, the RTH Building Company conducts all on-site preparations. If you have hired any consultants or subcontractors (architects, interior designers, etc.), we make certain everyone is on board and up to speed on project specifics before construction begins.

At this step, we obtain all required permit paperwork, coordinate submission of paperwork to the Department of Buildings and obtain building permits to begin construction.

RTH Building Company manages the job site from start to finish. We submit progress reports to you, track delivery of all finished items, and continually work to optimize the construction process for quality and efficiency. We regularly host meetings, while you can also reference your online portal to know exactly what has been completed.


Congratulations! It’s time to pop the cork and step into your new dream home. If you choose not to stick around, we will assist you in premarketing the property to create interest before completion. We also provide market analytics to support you in pricing appropriately for your market, should you plan to sell or lease.

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At RTH Building Company, we will guide you step by step from conception, through construction, to completion of your new home. We will help you find the perfect plot and hire architects, or you can bring us on board when the basic plans are already in place.


Your project is managed in a unique online portal that is accessible to you day or night, to track progress, budget, and more. No matter where you are, you can access real-time updates on the details of the build. 

We're on your side every step of the way