Handsome and historic architecture blended with modern, sophisticated living





Located in the Osborne Woods section of Montclair, New Jersey, this beautiful English Manor home built in 1929 is cherished by the Montclair community. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, the Stonebridge Estate elegantly sits on 2.6 acres of land, hidden below the Watchung mountain range. 


Already residents of Montclair, our clients saw the Stonebridge Estate for sale and toured the Tudor home. Enchanted by the home’s handsome architecture and abundant land, the family instantly fell in love with the property but knew the interior of the home needed to be met with a transformative plan. The almost 100 year old estate was dated and cramped. The home sensed a lack of flow but had the potential to be transformed into a modern space. Eager to find an attentive team to help the family cultivate a vision, our clients contacted RTH Building Co.


Our clients asked RTH to visit the historic site with the hopes the family could break ground on a history of their own. After the first walk through, RTH sketched out a new interior plan calling for a full renovation and major addition to house a new kitchen, living room, and series of bedrooms and bathrooms. The new interior plan was sophisticated yet practical, and our clients decided to move forward with RTH’s vision. Soon after, the Stonebridge Estate was purchased and RTH began to undertake the project.


After a full renovation and addition, the Stonebridge Estate was transformed into a modern Tudor home for a modern family. This exquisite family home has a sophisticated open floor plan high-fashion design. The vaulted entry way is matched with a spiral staircase and custom made pointed-arch steel door. Natural light pours into every corner of the home including the basement, which features a climate controlled wine cellar and home gym, ensuring that each glass of wine and exercise session is state of the art. The kitchen’s white marble countertop glows against the color scheme of the backyard’s elaborate garden and in-ground pool. The home’s beauty and craftsmanship is topped with a classic slate roof, of which pieces were cataloged upon its removal and reinstallation during renovation time. With a renovated interior and restored exterior, RTH married the past and the present honoring the expertise of the builders before us and the builders to come.