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Exceptional craftsmanship. Flawless finishes. 

At RTH Building Company, we offer building and renovation services to a clientele with exquisite taste. Our clients love clean, flawless spaces intuitively designed with their lifestyle in mind. Whether you are restoring a historic home or starting fresh with a brand new build, we intend to turn your highest ideal into your everyday reality.

A remarkable home brings you to life.

You know you have stepped into a remarkable home when you feel both at ease and uplifted… when one room flows easily into the next, and everything is naturally in its right place. Our designs emphasize inspired spaces filled with light, discreet in-home technology, and distinguished touches that capture the personality of our clients.

A beautiful, functional home comes down to care.

RTH Building Company goes beyond. We aren’t just building your house; we are building your legacy. Each structural, functional, and aesthetic decision is made with the end in mind. Quality, sustainability, and elegance are our top priorities for interiors and exteriors. 


Plus, every bit of our progress is tracked on your own personalized web portal--so you can follow along with every step of the build.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you home.

RTH Building Company

86 Valley Road

Montclair, NJ 07042



Ryan Hodgson



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